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In our treatments, we use ecological products from Föllinge health products. These products are also for sale.

Adjust your massage as desired!
If you are pregnant, use medication or have a disease, let the therapist know before your visit.


Classical massage 

A deep massage that releases tensions in the whole body and gives a pleasant and nice relaxation.

Upperbody 30, 60 min 500:- / 800:-
Leg 30, 60 min 500:- / 800:-
Whole body 90 min 1150:- 


Spa massage


Perfect for people with rigid muscles. The treatment improves the blood circulation and decreases tensions in the muscles.

60 min 800:-
90 min 1150:-


*Hot Stone massage

Relaxing and anti-stress massage with hot stones. Gives a warm well-being, nice relaxation and increased blood circulation.

Half body60/90 min 800:- / 1150:-
Whoöe body 90 min 1150:-


*Mega relax

A nice and very relaxing massage of the upper body.

30 min / 60 min 500:- / 800:-


Body treatments 


Your whole body gets scrubbed to remove dead skin cells and to make your skin look new and fresh. After a nice shower, your whole body will be lubricated and your skin will be soft and smooth.

60 min 800:-


 *Big River lyx

During half of the treatment, you will get a wonderful massage for your neck and shoulders. This is followed by a cleaning of the auditory canals the old-fashioned way, with ear candles. A vacuum occurs and cleans the auditory canals from earwax.
A very nice treatment where you don’t risk damaging the inner ear, since the candle only comes in contact with the auricle.

60 min 600:-



Healing massage which cleans the body of slag and gives a better blood circulation. Releases tensions and gives energy to the whole body. A good massage for people with sore and rigid muscles. For the best possible effect, it is recommended that this treatment is repeated four to six times.

Half body 30 min 600:-
Whole body 60, 90 min 900:- / 1150:-


 *Norrsken över Stakafjälle

Anti-cellulite treatment with traditional cupping. For the best possible effect, it is recommended that this treatment is repeated three to ten times.

Stomach and hips 15-30 min 400:-
Thighs and buttock 15-30 min 400:-



*Klassisk ansiktsbehandling

Thorough cleaning of the face.

Facial with cleaning and peeling, followed by a short massage of the face and décolleté. After that, a face mask consisting of green clay is applied. The face mask cleans the pores. The facial ends with a moisturizing face cream and a cooling eye cream. All the products will be chosen depending on your skin type.

30 min 450:-


Treatment for the tired and aging face.

A nice treatment for your face and décolleté, where your skin is cleaned carefully before you get a wrinkle reducing and slag cleaning massage. This is followed by your face being lubricated with a facial serum which stimulates the skins cells. A skin cream suitable for your skin type is massaged onto your face. The facial then ends with a cooling eye cream being applied around your eyes.

Effects will be visible after four to five treatments during 14 days.

60 min 800:-

Storåbränna lyx

The incredibly luxurious facial starts with a relaxing back and neck massage.
Thereafter, you will turn around and lie on your back and your face will get a thorough cleaning and peeling. This is followed by a moisturizing face mask. When the face mask is removed, you get a nice massage of your face and décolleté. Lastly, your skin will be lubricated with a facial cream which stimulates and supports the reconstruction of your cells and a cooling eye cream is applied around your eyes. All products are chosen depending on your skin type.

60 min 1150:-


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